Current Projects

Here are some of the projects I’m currently working with. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Solo project 


Absynthen Minded is a rockband around singer and frontman Bert Ostyn. Features Toon Vlerick (guitar), Sergej van Bouwel (bass), Isolde Lasoen (drums) and myself on keys. 


Band around vocalist and songwriter Michael Lamiroy where I play all sorts of keyboards (synths, hammond and pianos). With Michael Lamiroy (vocals, guitar), Thomas Jillings (keys, saxophones and backings), Gerben Brys (bass), Sep Francois (percussion) and Alfredo Bravo (drums). 


Soul/pop/funk band around singer and writer Niels Delvaux (Delv!s). Featuring Niels Delvaux (delv!s, vocals), Sebastian Leye (guitar), Boris van Overschee (bass), Judith Okon (backings) and Steven Van Gelder (drums).


ISOLDE & Friends - SHe's On THE JAZZ

Jazzband formed by drummer Isolde Lasoen, features different guest vocalists.



Band around singer and guitarist Lukas Somers. 


Staelens trio

Trio on Hammond organ, fx

The Fainters

Quartet around guitarist and amazing personality Arno Goossens. Featuring Gerben Brys on bass and Olivier Penu on drums. I play Hammond organ and wurlitzer/rhodes. 

Slow Pilot

Slow Pilot is a band founded by Pieter Peirsman and Maarten van Mieghem. It features Pieter Peirsman (vocals, songwriting, guitar), Maarten van Mieghem (bass), Sebastian Leye (guitar), Jordi Geuens (drums) and myself on keys.